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An Affordable IVF Timeline


At AIRM, patients are offered many different treatments to address their struggles with fertility. While not all patients require in-vitro fertilization, this is a common method that is used once other preliminary treatment options have been exhausted. Each patient’s journey with Affordable IVF is unique and details such as pricing and medications will vary based on your individual needs. However, to help you understand the necessary steps throughout the IVF process, we have outlined a general timeline of potential procedures:

  1. IVF enrollment appointment - During this appointment with Dr. Karen Hammond, DNP,CRNP you will discuss the medications that you will take to prepare for your IVF cycle. You will be given a medication calendar and detailed instructions regarding their administration. Both partners must be present at this appointment as clinical and financial consents will be reviewed and signed with the financial counselors. This appointment provides the patient with time to discuss any questions they have with the provider regarding their specific treatments.

  1. IVF procedure week– This typically happens 4-8 weeks following the initial enroll appointment providing time for the patient to coordinate work and travel. We often begin cycles during the weekend to decrease the amount of time you may have to take off work, and we will do our best to work with your schedule. This week includes steps 3-6.

  1. Retrieval – If a TESA or TESE is necessary to secure sperm, the male retrieval will occur first. However, it is more common for males to produce a fresh sperm sample. The sperm is then prepared for approximately 35-45 minutes. During this time, the female will be given light anesthesia or medication before her egg retrieval that soon follows. Both procedures happen in our offices and require no hospital stay.

  1. 5-day culture – Following the retrieval, our lab team will culture the sperm and egg to create embryos. We use world-class technology such as laser microscopes, needles, culture medium and incubators to ensure that these cells will be as successful as possible in their potential conversion to embryos. This incubation can also be completed inside the patient using the INVOcell device if the patient elects Affordable-IVF.

  1. Embryo transfer or Cryopreservation– This office visit will take between 15-25 minutes where viable embryos will be transferred back into the patient. If the patient wishes, all or some of the viable embryos can be cryopreserved and frozen for future use.

  1. Genetic Testing (optional) – We partner with worldwide genetics companies to provide PGT-A/PGT-M (previously called PGS/PGD) testing of embryos. Most commonly, embryos are biopsied then cryopreserved for a potential transfer following the examination of testing results.

  1. Follow Up Visit – This visit will happen approximately two weeks after the embryo transfer. Here, the patient will undergo a beta HCG pregnancy test to determine if the IVF cycle was successful.

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.