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Employee Snapshot: Molly Raymon - Secretary

Q: What does your average day look like at AIRM?
A:“Everything I do is customer service oriented. Our days here do not really close out – there is
a constant cycle of new patients. My job is to ensure we have all the proper information so that
the check in process is as seamless as possible. Talking to clients for most of the day is my
favorite part of the job because it such a pleasure to help others.”

Q: What is your favorite part about working at a fertility clinic?
A: “The most satisfying aspect of my job is the compassion and care we provide clients. Seeing
a solution unfold for people who maybe have thought that their problems were insurmountable
is so gratifying.”

Q: How many factors are involved in scheduling surgery?
A:“The first consideration I have is timing. We have patients who need a surgery in order to
proceed with their fertility goals, so there is usually urgency in the scheduling process. After
that, I communicate with the OR scheduling, preadmission testing, and coordinate benefits with
insurance. Up to the day of surgery, we strive to keep the patient informed for their peace of
mind throughout the entire process.”

Q: What advice would you have for a new patient at AIRM?
A: “I would encourage them to keep an open mind. I want them to know that they are going to
get excellent and compassionate care, and that you can never call and ask too many questions.
The thing I hear people apologize for the most is for how many times they have called, but we
want them to feel confident in the care they are receiving and know that we want them to reach
out to us.”

Q: What is one aspect of your job that others may not know about?

A:“Probably the work that goes into scheduling surgery. I enjoy walking patients through
processes, That is my favorite part of the job and being able to support them throughout their
journey. I think one of the most important things that we do here is building relationships. Every
exchange with a patient is an opportunity to establish trust. While we aren’t perfect, that is
definitely a priority and really important to me. I think Dr. Long and Karen set an exceptional
example of that and it can be seen in how much people love them and keep coming back.”

Q: How do you ensure each patient feels understood and heard?
A:“I try to be kind and sensitive in addressing the needs and concerns of patients. I try to handle
all of their problems with urgency. I think this is how I can most effectively help our clients.”
A note from our COO Joseph: Molly is our dedicated surgery scheduling for AIRM. When Dr.
Long recommends surgery for a patient, Molly works quickly to determine the best schedule for
them. Molly does an excellent job addressing each patient’s individual concerns, coordinating
their benefits, and organizing the surgery with the women’s center. She works quickly and kindly
to answer any question and meet any needs the patient might have.

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