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Keep Trying – Patient Spotlight: The Jones Family

baby jones

“Be hardheaded and keep trying, keep trying, keep trying” – This is the advice that Savannah Jones, one of AIRM of Alabama’s first patients, gives to women struggling with infertility. The Jones family recently celebrated the first birthday of their beautiful baby girl Brooklyn. However, Savannah explains their journey towards parenthood was “not an easy thing to go through.”

Savanah’s battle with infertility lasted for over four years. During this time, she and her husband seemed to try every medication and treatment available, but they were repeatedly unable to become pregnant. Throughout the process the Jones family battled unsuccessful rounds of reproductive methods as their hope began to linger. However, no matter what other people told them, they knew had to keep trying to grow their family. In explaining their history with infertility, Savannah explained, “People asked us why we were making ourselves crazy as we kept trying. But, we knew it was what we had to do.”

Throughout their journey, the Jones family sought second opinions. As they persevered and tried to find answers and more help, they finally met Dr. Long. The Jones placed their trust in Dr. Long and the AIRM staff, and we had the privilege of supporting and advising the Jones family throughout the next steps of their infertility journey. Finally, Dr. Long was able to announce the amazing news that Savannah was pregnant! Due to their previous medical history including multiple miscarriages, AIRM continued to monitor the Jones family, and finally they became the proud parents of their one-year-old Brooklyn.

Savannah explained that, “If we had stopped, we would not be celebrating our baby’s first birthday.” The perseverance of the Jones’ family is a testament to their strength, and we hope their story will inspire others to continue in their own struggles with infertility. Savannah advises others going through similar struggles that “you will know when it is time to stop. And, if you don’t feel it’s time you have to keep going.” AIRM is honored to have been a part of the Jones’ family towards parenthood, and we hope we can help others in their same journey towards parenthood.

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