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8 Common Labs

Our Team | 10/23/2019

During your first visit as a new patient to our fertility clinic, you will undergo a series of lab tests.


Infertility Lab Q&A

Our Team | 08/01/2019

Our lab team has answered some of the most common lab test and results questions they receive from patients below.


An Affordable IVF Timeline

Our Team | 07/24/2019

To help you understand the necessary steps throughout the IVF process, we have outlined a general timeline of potential procedures


Affording IVF

Our Team | 07/17/2019

While we offer competitive pricing for fertility treatments, we understand that procedures and medications can create a financial burden.


Employee Snapshot: Molly Raymon - Secretary

Molly Raymon | 07/09/2019

Q&A with Molly Raymon


Employee Snapshot: Hannah Ballinger - Sonographer

Our Team | 06/27/2019

Q&A with Hannah Ballinger


What is Endometriosis?

Cecil A. Long, MD | 06/18/2019

Explained by Dr. Long


Keep Trying – Patient Spotlight: The Jones Family

Our Team | 06/11/2019

“Be hardheaded and keep trying, keep trying, keep trying” – This is the advice that Savannah Jones gives to women struggling with infertility.


Out of town Patients

Joseph B. Bolen, IV | 06/04/2019

Not in Birmingham? Not a problem. – IVF Information for out of town patients.


Affordable IVF? at AIRM

Karen Hammond, DNP, CRNP | 07/16/2018

We are excited to offer a much more affordable option, Affordable IVF, which incorporates the embryo culture device INVOcell™.


Financing Options for Your Fertility or Surgical Treatments

Joseph B. Bolen, IV | 07/02/2018

At the America Institute of Reproductive Medicine, we realize that fertility treatments and medications can be costly...


Fertility Is Not Just About the Female

Karen Hammond, DNP, CRNP | 06/28/2018

A male factor is found in about half of couples for which a cause is identified.


Can my tubal ligation be reversed?

Karen Hammond, DNP, CRNP | 06/12/2018

 While tubal ligation is intended to be permanent sterilization, there are options for attempting pregnancy after this surgery.


Infertility Treatments Simplified

Cecil A. Long, MD | 04/09/2018

Infertility Treatments Simplified


Male-Factor Infertility Sperm Morphology and Low Sperm Count

Cecil A. Long, MD | 04/06/2018

Approximately one out of eight couples in the United States seek help for fertility issues.


Overcoming Infertility: When Should a Couple Seek Infertility Treatment?

Cecil A. Long, MD | 03/01/2018

When Should a Couple Seek Help from a Fertility Specialist?


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