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Your fertility is a personal matter, especially when it comes to making decisions on family planning. Your views on fertility may change throughout your reproductive years. Earlier in your life, it may have felt like the right decision to have your tubes tied after your last pregnancy. At the America Institute of Reproductive Medicine – Alabama, we understand that circumstances change. Infertility, voluntary or not, can cause great sadness and distress to those who wish to have another baby. Being counseled on your options by a reproductive endocrinologist, like Dr. Cecil A. Long with 30+ years of experience, can be invaluable when making a decision whether or not to untie your tubes. If you are a woman still in your reproductive years with your tubes tied, we want you to know there are several different options you can choose to get on the road back to fertility.

Reversal techniques

Dr. Long has medical privileges at Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham, AL, where he performs a majority of his surgical procedures. If you decide to have a tubal ligation, you will have an outpatient procedure under a general anesthesia. Dr. Long can opt to perform either a robotic laparoscopy or minimally invasive laparotomy. He will discuss this in further detail at your treatment planning appointment.

Robotic laparoscopy
While robotic arms with the appropriate instruments will perform the laparoscopy, Dr. Long will be carefully controlling every movement. Through tiny incisions, the instruments will reconnect the fallopian tubes under the doctor's control from his station. A camera is also inside to give Dr. Long a clear view of the area being amended. This technique is several hours long and does take more time than a traditional surgery. Incision points are very small.

Laparotomy or mini-laparotomy
With 2 – 3 small incisions along the pubic hairline, Dr. Long will open up the area. He will use a special microscope and microsurgical tools to reconnect the fallopian tubes with special sutures. Once complete, he will close the incision points.

Alternatives to surgery

When tubal reversal surgeries are unsuccessful, Dr. Long will run the appropriate tests, order diagnostic images, and more to find out the cause. Your partner may also want to make an appointment to have his semen analyzed upon the recommendation of Dr. Long before stating that the procedure was a failure.

In most cases, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is statistically the best alternative to tubal reversal surgery available today. IVF can bypass the tubal ligation entirely for better outcomes in several situations, such as:

  • For women who have had their tubes tied but have a small number of eggs, lower quality eggs in their reserve, or those who use an egg donor
  • Male partners with low sperm quantity and/or quality which do not fertilize the egg

Dr. Long may also discuss with you the appropriateness of going straight to IVF during your initial treatment planning appointment to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.

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If you would like another opportunity to have control of your fertility cycle with a tubal reversal, contact AIRM for a consultation with Dr. Long in Birmingham, AL. Dr. Long will compassionately discuss your options and may offer you several solutions or choices to obtain your pregnancy goals. We look forward to starting the conversation with you about how we may assist your family. Call today.

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